Cindy Lisa Bäry is a Singer/Songritter and Actor from Germany.


Cindy in October 2013


She was born on 5th March 1987 in Madagaskar. She has a Brother named Knut and a Sister named Linda. Her Father were died by an acident. Her Mother was died by Drugs. Cindy's past wasn't really good. She was in Jail for a Month. In August 2009 she had Cancer. From April to June 2011 she was in Africa. Now she's in a school for Music. On 28th October 2013 she will leave the school.


Her carrer begans in August 2010 with her Comedy role Cindy from Leverkusen. It was a really succses. After a deal with RCA Records she has Released her first single Jumping Into The World on 22ed October 2011. Her first album Jumping Into The World was released on 3rd November 2011. She has made a little promo tour from November 2011 to February 2012. Her second single Change was released on 4th December 2011. It was a really succses world wide. Her third single Fuckin' Up wasn't really succsed. On 16th April 2012 her second studio album Super Girl was released. It's first single Super Girl featuring Nicki Minaj was a world wide succses. Her second single City Life was released on 18th May 2012. She has made a world tour called Super Girl Tour. It starts on 20th May 2012 and ended on 16th May 2013. She has released 3 singles after her second single. On 19th March 2013 she has released her first Mixtape Generation with the singles Generation and Sexy To Me . On 29th March she released her sixth single from Super Girl called Fire In Me . Her seventh single Sex In Love was released on 15th June 2013. On 28th August 2013 she has acounted that she was filming her video for Breakin' . On 3rd September 2013 her last single from Super Girl, Breakin' was released. On 7th September she has acounted that her fourth album would be out at the end of November 2013 and has plans for her fifth album, witch would be released October 2014. On 2ed October 2013 she has said in an interview that her first single will be released at the beginning November 2013. On 14th November 2013 she said via Twitter that her new single is Freedom. It was released on 17th November 2013. On 23th November 2013 her new album PU$H was released. Her PU$H TOUR took place from the 12th January to 26th August 2014, she connute the tour with her Country Tour it begins on the 22ed October 2014 to 26th June 2015. Her new album would be called My Country and is set to be released on the 18th October 2014.


Jumping Into The World

Super Girl

Generation (Mixtape)


My Counrty


Title Release Date
Jumping Into The World 22ed October 2011
Change 4th December 2011
Fuckin' Up 17th January 2012
Look In My Eyes Not Released
Super Girl (Feat. Nicki Minaj) 2ed April 2012
City Life 18th May 2012
Aqua Marina 28th August 2012
Realize 8th October 2012
Kissin' Hard 19th December 2012
Generation 9th March 2013
Fire In Me 29th March 2013
Sexy To Me 19th May 2013
Sex In Love 15th june 2013
Breakin' 3rd September 2013
Freedom 17th November 2013
Simple Life 10th January 2014
Hard 20th March 2014
Show My Life (Promo-Single) 23th April 2014
Unapologetic 14th June 2014
Fill Me Up 21st August 2014

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