Exciting is the third studio album by Singer/Songwritter Katarina Katz .

Releas Date: 28th August 2009



Record Lable: RCA Records

Tracks: 12


"I need a little break from touring and being famous,so i went to Africa." She said in an Interview from August 2009.

Track by Track:

Question: It's about the Question of Life.

Good Girl Is Gone: It's about who i am now.

Exciting Girl: I always want to be a Exciting Girl.

Bad Boy: It's about a Dream i had.

Good Feel So Good: It's about Power and Life.

Love Is Never Easy: It's about realizing that Love is never easy.

Say Ma Name: It's a funny song. It's not about me.

WHAT?: It's about hearing something and saying WHAT?

Fucking That Girl: I was down and i hated all girls.

SHIT: It's about shitty moments.

My Life: It's about what i've seen in my new life.

Alife: It's about being alife and breathing.


1. Question (written by Katarina Katz)

2. Good Girl Is Gone (written by K. Katz)

3. Exciting Girl (written by K. Katz)

4. Bad Boy (written by K. Katz)

5. Good Feel So Good (written by K. Katz)

6. Love Is Never Easy (written by K. Katz)

7. Say Ma Name (written by K. Katz)

8. WHAT? (written by K. Katz)

9. Fucking That Girl (written by K. Katz)

10. SHIT (written by K. Katz)

11. My Life (written by K. Katz)

12. Alife (written by K. Katz)


Release Date Title USA CAN DE JAP
28th August 2009 Exciting 1 1 1 1

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