Girl Who Are You is the second album by Katarina Katz.

Release Date: 22th October 2008.


Recordlable: RCA Records

Tracks: 12


a Track by Track was Released after the Releasing the album.

Girl Who Are You: It's about knowing who you are.

Dangerous: It's about dangerous things in life.

Fly: It's about my first love and to feel like you can fly.

Pomp It: Don't let haters deverse you!!

WOW: It's about the things in life that makes us WOW.

GLK: Girl Like Key it's about a girl who don't speak.

No 4 Ever: It's about saying No 4 Ever.

Love Is A Speriace: It's about magical love.

Shadow: You know that your not perfect but it's ok.

Dark: It's about my fear of darkness

Kiss Me: It's about one of the best things in the world.

Don't Look At Me: It's about Controversy with my friends.


1. Girl Who Are You (written by Katarina Katz and M. Katz)

2. Dangerous (written by K. Katz and J. Korel)

3. Fly (written by K. Katz)

4. Pomp It (written by K. Katz and J. Korel)

5. WOW (written by K. Katz and J. Korel)

6. GLK (written by K. Katz and M. Katz)

7. No 4 Ever (written by K. Katz and M. Katz)

8. Love Is A Speriace (written by K. Katz)

9. Shadow (written by K. Katz)

10. Dark (written by K. Katz)

11. Kiss Me (written by K. Katz and J. Korel)

12. Don't Look At Me (written by K. Katz and M. Katz)


Relese Date: Title USA JAP CAN DE
22th October 2008 Girl Who Are You 1 2 1 1

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