Katarina in November 2013

 Katarina Kätchen Katz is a Singer/Songwritter from Germany.


Katarina on March 2012


Katarina was born on 25.September.1992 in Tokio. After she was born, she was very sick and her Parents decided to move back to Germany.  Katarina was builit in her School. After changing the School, she has found many Friends like Cindy Lisa Bäry or Lea Louis. She has said in an Interview from 2009 she is Bi. She was marriage two times. In 2009 She has spend some time in Afrika. She had a agreement with RCA Records from 2007 to 2012. In December 2012 she has a agreement with EPIC Records. In February it was reported that she signed a record deal with Universal Records.


Her Career beganns with a Model Job in 2007. In January 2007 Katarina has signed a contract with Mustard Model Agency.After 4 Months she has cancel the contract with the Mustard Models Agency. She was discovered by a Music Show in 2007. Her Debut album My Love Is Sweet was released on 17th December 2007 worldwide. After her hit Singles Lipgloss and No, No, No she has released her second album Girl Who Are You . The first Single Pomp It was a really succses in Germany and the USA. Further Singles like WOW , Kiss Me , Girl Who Are You and Don't Look At Me were a big succses too. After making her first tour Girl Who Are You Tour she has spend some time in Afrika. Her third record Exciting was released on 28th August 2009. The first single Exciting Girl was a succsed in the USA and Canada. The second tour Exciting Girl Tour took place in America and Europe. In July 2010 her fourth album The Talk Goes On was released with it's first single The Ocean . The Album has only three Singles. The Talk Goes On Tour goes five months. In January 2011 her fifth album Loud was released worldwide except Canada. The album was released in Canada on 15th February 2011. Her sixth album Pumpkin was released in the same Year. The first single was released on 19th October 2011. The fourth tour Pumpkin Tour has contain the Albums Loud and Pumpkin . The Tour started on 4th December 2011 and ended on 6th March 2012. After a litlle break from 23rd March to 26th April 2012. On 19th May 2012 she has her Film debut with "Englisch 21". She has released her seventh album Coco on 29th June 2012. The release Date pushed forward from 12th August 2012 to 29th June 2012. Her fifth tour Shadows Tour took place in America, Europe and Asia. It stated on 15th August 2012 and ended on 16th December 2012. From January 2013 to Aprl 2013 she has recorded her eigth album Lonely Tears . It was released on 15th April 2013. The first promotional Single was I Don't Care . It was released on 2ed February 2013. The first single was Oh Love a duet with Naruto Uzumaki. In May 2013 she has acounted to realese a Christmas Album at the end of 2013 and her tenth studio album Disaster for September 2014. After the tracklists for the albums were leaked, she has said the the albums won't be released. The sixth world tour the Road Tour took place from 6th June 2013 to 27th November 2013. Her second Single Drunk + Cry was released on 19th June 2013. On 20th June 2013 her second Film "The Boy In The Striped Pyjama" was released. On 12th July she said that the Promotional Single I Don't Care would be Re-Released on 29th October 2013. On 14th August she has acounted via Twitter that she's fiming a new music video. On 18th August 2013, She has accounted that Lonely Tears is her next Single and it will released on 20th August 2013. On 15th September 2013 Katarina acounted in an interview that she's recording her new album. She had a break between 16th August 2013 and 14th November 2013 from her tour. On 1st December 2013 her fifth single Black Star was released digitaly without a music video. On 17th January 2014 she anoucted that she's finished her new record called Paris. The first single from Paris is Disaster and it was released on 18th February 2014. It peaked at number 1 in 18 countrys. Her seventh world tour PARIS TOUR took place from 9th April to 23th August 2014.The follow-up singles were succsesful too. On 13th May 2014 after the leaking of a preview from the song The Outback she released it as a Prmo-Single.On 20th June 2014 she said she would release a christas record in october 2014. On 12th November 2014 she will release the final single from Paris called Calm Under The Waves.


- My Love Is Sweet

- Girl Who Are You

- Exciting

- The Talk Goes On

- Loud

- Pumpkin

- Coco

- Lonely Tears

- Paris


Song Title Release Date
Lipgloss 8th November 2007
Say Yes! 9th Janurary 2008
What Ever You Say 17th February 2008
My Love Is Sweet 19th April 2008
No, No, No 20th June 2008
Pomp It 28th September 2008
WOW 19th November 2008
Kiss Me 28th December 2008
Girl Who Are You 17th February 2009
Don't Look At Me 8th April 2009
Exciting Girl 9th August 2009
Good Girl Is Gone 17th September 2009
WHAT? 18th December 2009
Bad Boy 17th January 2010
My Life 12th March 2010
The Ocean 2ed July 2010
Rap Up 29th August 2010
The Talk Goes On 3rd October 2010
Loud 18th December 2010
Cheers 20th February 2011
Fading 15th March 2011
Lullaby 4th April 2011
Pumpkin 19th October 2011
Repeat 24th November 2011
The Winter Is Coming 17th December 2011
Goodbye 3rd March 2012
Coco 8th June 2012
Shadow 24th July 2012
In The Middle Of The Life 3rd September 2012
Party 6th November 2012
Call The Dark 12th December 2012
Oh Love 10th March 2013
Drunk + Cry 19th June 2013
Lonely Tears 20th August 2013
I Don't Care 29th October 2013
Black Star 1st December 2013
Disaster 18th February 2014
Paris 20th April 2014
The Outback (Promo-Single) 13th May 2014
What Now 13th July 2014
Calm Under The Waves 12th November 2014

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