Lea Louis is a Singer/Songwritter from Germany.


Lea Louis in June 2013


Lea Louis was born on 8th August 1993 in Venedig, Italy. Her Parents live in Italy. She was builled in her old school. In June 2009 she's moved to Krefeld, Germany. From January 2013 to February 2013 she has lived in the USA. In February she has become a new body. Now she life in London, England.


On 1st December 2008 her first single Lollypop was released. Her first studio album Able was released on 18th December 2008. Her second single Cupcake was released on 3rd January 2009. Her third single Able was a big succsed in the world. It was released on 9th February 2009. After a break from May 2009 to May 2010, she has released her second album Darkness on 13th July 2010. With the first single Lose My Mind on 20th June 2010. Her second single Let Me Go Out There was released on 28th August 2010. Her first world tour The Darkness Tour started on 12th August 2010 and ended on 16th March 2011. On 12th April 2011 she released her third album Wonder. The first single Wonderland was released on 24th March 2011. Further single Who I Am featuring Colbie Caillat was released on 13th May 2011. Her fourth album Much Fun was released on 10th October 2011. The first single was Octoberfest and was released on 8th September 2011. The Further singles like Broken Heart or F.U.N. were big succsed too. Her second tour the Much Fun Tour was started on 12th November 2011 and ended on 24th April 2012. On 6th July 2012 her first single Hometown from her fifth album Hometown was released. The second single I Won't was released on 18th August 2012. Her third tour the Hometown Tour started on 2ed September 2012 and ended on 15th December 2012. In December 2012 she has released her firts christmas EP called Christmas. The singles were I'll Be Home For Christmas and Silver Bells . On 3rd August 2013 she has released her single Burn The Empire . On 23rd August 2013 she has released her sixth studio album Burn The Empire . On 5th September 2013 she has acounted that she has plans for her next album . On 11th October 2013 her tour The Burn The Empire Tour has started in London, England and will end on 23th March 2014 in Tokio, Japan. The second single Perfect Girl (Old Times) from her new album was released on 29th October 2013. On 26th November 2013 she says in an Interview that her new album will be released on the 31st October 2014 and called Halloween. The recording took place from 13th November 2013 to 20th May 2014. She has plans for her next record and began to record it. After her unreleased demo record Simple Songs leaked in December 2013 she re-released it on the 21st April 2014 including the first single Choose Your Battles a cover from Katy Perry's album Prism. As a suprise for her fans she released My Own Funeral as the fifth and final single on 3rd June 2014.





Much Fun


Burn The Empire

Simple Songs (Demo from 2006)



Title Release Date
Lollypop 1st December 2008
Cupcake 3rd January 2009
Able 9th February 2009
Bubble Gum 13rd March 2009
Lose My Mind 20th June 2010
Let Me Go Out There 28th August 2010
See, There Is A Light 13rd October 2010
Lost 4th December 2010
Wonderland 24th March 2011
Who I Am (Feat. Colbie Caillat) 13rd May 2011
Octoberfest 8th September 2011
Broken Heart 2ed October 2011
Love Is A Suicide (Feat. Natalia Kills) 21th November 2011
F.U.N. 17th December 2011
Hometown 6th July 2012
I Won't 18th August 2012
You Got Me 2ed November 2012
I'll Be Home For Christmas 11th December 2012
Animal 13th January 2013
Silver Bells 19th January 2013 (US)
July Love 20th March 2013
Burn The Empire 3rd August 2013
Perfect Girl (Old Times) 29th October 2013
Heart Broken 13th January 2014
In The USA 23th April 2014
Choose Your Battles 13th April 2014
My Own Funeral 3rd June 2014
Empty 18th June 2014
Goodbye 20th August 2014

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