Linda Liliana Bäry is a Singer/Songwritter from Germany.


Linda August 2013


Linda was born on 24th December 1990 in Blumenstadt. She has a Brother called Knut and her Sister Cindy. In 2007 she was discoverd by Marc Linney. After her Dad was died by an accident in 2008, she was really sad and began to cut herself. At the end of 2008 she was at a fortune teller. She has said the she will die in 2009. Linda didn't died and her life goes on. In November 2009 her Mother died by taking Drugs. After another Depressed Year for her, she was by her Sister.


On 7th October 2007 her first album Pink was released. The first single Pink was a worldwide succsed. After 6 months she has released her second album Go on 22th April 2008 with it's first single Go. Her first Tour The Pink Tour will stared in May 2008 and End in December 2008. After a break from February 2009 to May 2009, she has released her third studio album Adventure. The first single Adventure was released on 29th November 2009. On 17th January 2010 she has released her fourth studio album Dark. The first single Changing was a middle succsed. Her second Tour The Dark Tour started in April 2010 to July 2010. After a long Break over a Year she has released her fifth studio album Winter on 2ed December 2011. The first single Winter wasn't a really succsed. Shehas made a little tour the Winter Tour. It Started on 8th December 2011 and ended on 12th February 2012. In December 2012 it was accounted that her sixth studio album will be released in May 2013. In May 2013 she has accounted that her new album would be called Rock Grrrl and it will be released on 12th July 2013. The first single Rock Grrrl was released on 5th July 2013. It was a big succsed after 3 Years. She has accounted via Twitter that her fourth tour Rock Tour will started on 23th September 2013 and End on 20th April 2014. She said on the 19th May 2014 she wants to took a break from her carrer.







Rock Grrrl


Title Release Date
Pink 18th September 2007
Good Day 27th November 2007
Lula Not Released
Go Not Released
Go (New Mix) 4th April 2008
Yeah!! 14th May 2008
Say It To Me 3rd July 2008
No, No, No 15th September 2008
Adventure 29th November 2009
Merry Christmas From Linda 26th December 2009
Carolina 23th January 2010 (US)
Pink (New Revolution) 2ed April 2010 (US)
Changing 11th January 2010 (Not US)
Look What You Do 23th March 2010 (Not US)
Shooting 14th April 2010
Cry 12th May 2010
Dark 29th December 2010 (US)
Winter 27th November 2011
Einstein 13th December 2011 (US)
December 19th January 2012 (US)
Rock Grrrl 5th July 2013
Sweetheart 19th September 2013
Go To The Hell 24th November 2013
Dead Bitch 10th February 2014
Fly High Butterfly 30th April 2014

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