Lonely Tears is the eigth studio album form Singer/Songwritter Katarina Katz.

Release Date: 15th April 2013

Record Lable: EPIC Records

Tracks: 14

Controversy with the Record LableEdit

RCA won't Release this album, because it's to dark for the Record Lable. Katarina has cancel the agreement with RCA Records and Moving To EPIC Records in December 2012.


The whole album was written between September 2012 and December 2012. The Recording took place between January 2013 and April 2013.

Tack by Track:

My Little Self: I wrote this song 4 years long. Now I'm really happy with it.

Lonely Tears: It was ahard time for me, 'cause my boyfriend has left me and this song is about beeing Lonely. It's my favourite song from the album.

Oh Love (Feat. Naruto Uzumaki): It's about Love.

Suicid: I had a dream of killing myself and it was so scary, that I wrote this song.

Black Star: It's about a Black Star in the sky and I'm the Black Star in the sky.

Addicted: It's about my Ex-Boyfriend

Naked: It's about my Ex-Boyfreind.

Drunk + Cry: It was a really crazy and hard time for me. I've drunk, I've cried and I#'ve smoke a lot. That's the song about.

Late Night: It's about beeing lost and can't find the way back.

You Can't Do Anything: It's about someone I've lost and i really miss him.

Run Through The Rain: It's about a rainny day and beeing outdoors. It's really cool.

Give It Up: It's about Realizing that the one you love will never come back.

Cry: It's about my Ex-Boyfriend.

I Don't Care: It's about a brand new beginnin' and a new hope in life.


1. My Little Self (writen by K. Katz)

2. Lonely Tears (written by K. Katz)

3. Oh Love (Feat. Naruto uzumaki) [written by K. Katz and N. Uzumaki]

4. Suicid (written by K. Katz)

5. Black Star (written by K. Katz)

6. Addicted (written by K. Katz)

7. Naked (written by K. Katz)

8. Drunk + Cry (written by K. Katz)

9. Late Night (written by K. Katz)

10. You Can't Do Anything (written by K. Katz and N. Katz)

11. Run Through The Rain (written by K.Katz)

12. Give It Up (written by K. Katz)

13. Cry (written by K. Katz)

14. I Don't Care (written by K. Katz)


Release Date Title USA CAN DE JAP
15th April 2013 Lonely Tears 1 1 1 1

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