Loud is the fifth studio album by Singer/Songwritter Katarina Katz.

Release Date: 12th January 2011


Record Lable: RCA Records

Tracks: 11


Katarina said on the Interview with Billboard "I want to writte an funny album."

LOUD: It's a loud and funny anthem for everyone who loves party.

Your Name Is Hot: It's about a name that is really hot.

Cheers: It's about having a good time in life.

Only Man That I Want: It's about my Boyfriend.

Colapsed: I wrote this song when I was really down.

Breakaway From The Rest: It's about breaking free from all the mistakes you ever made.

Lullaby: It's a Lullaby for all my fans.

S&M (Feat. Rihanna): I really like Rihanna and this song. I've ask her if we can make this song for the album and she said YES!! I was so exciting.

Feel My Skin: It's a sexy song and it shows my sexy side.

Fading: It's about to fade away from someone.

Who Stand In Front Of Me: It's about meeting a new person.


1. Loud (written by Katarina Katz )

2. Your Name Is Hot (written by K. Katz and K. Lyse)

3. Cheers (written by K. Katz and H. Morisson)

4. Only Man That I Want (written by K. Katz and K. Lyse)

5. Colapsed (written by K. Katz)

6. Breakaway From the Rest (written by K. Katz and K. Lyse)

7. Lullaby (written by K. Katz)

8. S&M (Feat. Rihanna) [written by M. S. Eriksen, T. E. Hermansen, S. Wilhelm and E. Dean]

9. Feel My Skin (written by K. Katz and H. Morrison)

10. Fading (written by K. Katz and K. Lyse)

11. Who Stand In Front Of Me (written by K. Katz and K. Harry)


Releas Date Title USA CAN DE JAP
12th January 2011 Loud 2 1 1 2

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