My Love Is Sweet is the first studio album from



Singer/Songwritter Katarina Katz .

Release Date: 17th December 2007.

Lable: RCA Records

Tracks: 12


Katarina has made a Track by Track from the album:

My Love Is Sweet: It's about LOVE and i really like love.

Lipgloss: It'sa funny pop song and it's about Lipsticks.

Change: Everyone has got a change and my change was to be a Singer.

Chivas (Kelly Clarkson Cover): I really like Kelly Clarkson and this Song from her album "My December".

Like Me: It's about a guy you love and you think that he likes you.

No, No, No: It's about saying NO to someone or something.

Say Yes!: It's about hoping that the guy you love says "I Love You Too".

Sugar: It's a sweet song that i wrote. It hasn't got a messege.

Let It Go: It's about the Death.

'Bye'Bye: It's about to saying Goodbye to someone you like.

Here I Go: It's about being STRONG.

What Ever You Say: It's about the guy you love.


The Record Lable has said what songs make the album and she hadn't got any change to make the music she wants to make. After Releasing the Album Katarina has made a new version from the Album. The Tracklist were the same but the sound is diffently changed.


1. My Love Is Sweet (written by Katarina Katz and M. Katz)

2. Lipgloss (written by K. Katz)

3. Change (written by K. Katz and M. Katz)

4. Chivas (Kelly Clarkson Cover) (written by KellyClarkson)

5. Like Me (written by K. Katz and M. Katz)

6. No, No, No (written by K. Katz)

7. Say Yes! (written by K. Katz and J. Korel)

8. Sugar (written by K. Katz and J. Korel)

9. Let It Go (written by K. Katz and M. Katz)

10. ByeBye (written by K. Katz)

11. Here I Go (written by K. Katz and J. Korel)

12. What Ever You Say (written by K. Katz and J. Korel)

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