The Talk Goes On is the fourth studio album by Singer/Songwritter Katarina Katz

Release Date: 21st July 2010


Record Lable: RCA Records

Tracks: 13


"It was a sad time to me, when i wrote these songs." she says.

Track by Track:

1. The Talk Goes On: It's about people that talking shit.

2. You Never Control Me: It's about a guy who want to control you.

3. Safe You For Me: It's about the fear that i'm not good enough for my Boyfriend.

4. Sir: It's a funny song and it's not about me.

5. The Ocean: It's about a place where i want to be.

6. Rap Up: It's about a break up and going on.

7. Freaking Dance Break: It's an Interlude.

8. Longer Slept: It's about Sleeping.

9. My Freinds: It's about my really good friends who always helpt me.

10. UR Penis: It's about tha dick from my Boyfriend.

11. Stupid Boy: It's about my Boyfriend.

12. Hey, I Love You: It's about saying "I Love You".

13. Don't Grab Me On: It's about sexuallity.


1. The Talk Goes On (written by Katarina Katz and Linda Bäry)

2. You Never Control Me (written by K. Katz and K. Lyse)

3. Safe You For Me (written by K. Katz)

4. Sir (written by K. Katz and L.Bäry)

5. The Ocean (written by K. Katz)

6. Rap Up (written by K. Katz and K. Lyse)

7. Freaking Dance Break

8. Longer Slept (written by K. Katz and K. Lyse)

9. My Friends (written by K. Katz)

10. UR Penis (written by K. Katz)

11. Stupid Boy (written by K. Katz and L. Bäry)

12. Hey,I Love You (written by K. Katz)

13. Don't Grab Me On (written by K. Katz and K. Lyse)


Releas Date: Title USA CAN DE JAP
21th July 2010 The Talk Goes On 1 4 3 4

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